Corps et Esprit massage Breda

Corps et esprit massage Breda

Massage Therapy Breda

Welcome at the website of Corps et Esprit, my practice for Holistic massage in Breda.

Corps et Esprit offers personalised massage therapy and pays special attention to the whole being: physical, mental and emotional. Our massages are offered from a specially-dedicated, home-based practice on the Vlielandstaat 10 in the district Brabantplein, 10 minutes from the city center of Breda.

We notice that more and more people suffer from stress-related symptoms such as burnout or high blood pressure. Life is increasingy fast-paced and in these busy times many people don’t pay enough attention to their own well-being. The holistic- and relax massages of Corps et Esprit Massage Breda can help you relax and reduce stress.

Life expectancy is rising and problems such as rheumatism and arthritis are therefore becoming more frequent. The individual treatment of Corps et Esprit is designed to relieve these symptoms and increase freedom of movement. If desired, a tailor-made massage treatment plan can be drawn up.

Corps et Esprit Massage therapy Breda:

  • If you wish to reduce stress
  • If your muscles are tense and/or your joints are sore due to sport, work or life in general
  • If you need it on an emotional level
  • Simply because you deserve it

We only work on appointment. Please click on the red button to make a booking on a date and time suitable for you.

Corps et Esprit massage Breda has free parking and is easily reachable from the city-center of Breda, Teteringen, Oosterhout, Rijen or Etten-Leur.